Russett, Oklahoma

Cedar Hill

by Wayne Easterwood

In 1920, 3 1/4 sections of  the Cedar Hill School District C-13 Marshall County was annexed to Russett School District C-8 Johnston County.  Then in 1942 the remainder of the school district C-13 was also annexed to Russett.  Then in 1943 the State Legislature passed a bill that would let the school districts detach their district from that attached in 1942. The County Superintendent Askew held an election detaching the entire Cedar Hill District. Russett protested and said that only that annexed in 1942 was to be detached.  Russett won the case and kept the 3 1/4 sections.

The map below shows the Original Cedar Hill C-13 and the 3 quarter sections in cross hatched.  This area once housed the Mule Barn and a lot of houses.  This is where Bill Chapman has built his home.  The Suttons and Lemons were not in this group.

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